The production

We cook with natural ingredients of the highest quality
with lots of love, experience and attention to detail.

Traditional recipes

Since its first years till nowadays the production is focised on creation of home-style delicious, tasty and natural cookies made of high quality raw materials. We make every effort and talent to make our waffles and cookies fabulously delicious, really helpful and so appetizing! We are attentive to even the smallest details!

Only certified raw materials

  • We buy the raw materials only from approved suppliers
  • We always monitor the outgoing quality control of all raw materials
  • We use only natural ingredients
  • All our products made with first grade flour because it's better for health.
  • The flour is bolted extra times to make the products airy and the cookies very thin.

Modern equipment

We have built up-to-date plant with world-class manufacturing and packaging lines, created by the Italians who are the recognized leaders of mechanical engineering for the production of confectionery. This allows us to keep the process at the highest level.