About the company

True little pieces of art,
created with experienced master hands all over the years.


Luca Radaelli — born in 1896 in Turin, and then lived in Alba. He opened “Golosi di salute”, which was the first Italian backery, selling healthy and delicious desserts made of high quality products.

What can we say about this wonderful person? He was a chef, pastry-cook, healthy food adherent. His professional background was so various and successful. Most people couldn't call Luca the chief-cook because of his simple and fresh-looked face and young age. But the fact was that Radaelli's culinary knowledge and experience were anticipating the experience of other "old" masters.

We can say for sure that Italy gave to the world much of culinary masterpieces. And one of them was soft and airy cookie, the taste of which cannot be mixed up with any other.

Feeling the light honey taste of Italian delicacy, you close your eyes and say, - "Viva Italia!".


Moldovian-Italian company the Savi-Plus LTD began its production using the Italian technology, which uses superior quality raw materials produced in Moldova, and special control of qualified professionals.

Initially, we produced the pasta, then several types of cookies, but further the product range began to grow and increase. At first, products were made by hand, but while increase in demand we have organized an automatic production.

Highly-productive technological lines, qualified staff, strict control of product quality, combined with rich experience and ancient traditions are the key to the production of tasty and high quality products for over 20 years.

Nowadays we export our production to
Romania, Bulgaria, Russia, Italy

Production of cookies in Italian bakeries had its small secrets, but the main secret was the pastry-cook's love and care. The Savi-Plus LTD company offers to taste our cookies to feel sweet Italian life. These cookies kept all the best from top culinary masters recipes.